Spraying paint sprayers with low fog –
versatile and perfect

With this universal compilation, you have everything in your

Scope of delivery:
Motor blower with 3 m connection cable,
infinitely adjustable, spray gun PN 2 A,
constantly blowing, with 3 nozzles 1 -1.5 – 2 mm,
Aluminum colour cup 0.7 I,
Nozzle keys,
Special air hoses 6 m and 2 m carrying straps,
Viscosity measuring cups,
1 reserve suction filter,
Special spray gun PN 5
with 4 nozzles 2.5-3.5 -6 and 8 mm,
articulated piece, contra-angle handpiece,
Spray gun stand,
Radiator attachment pipe,
Wooden transport case
and back support frame.

230 V alternating current, 50/60 Hz, engine power 1100 watts, air supply capacity 2300 l/min., max. pressure 0.21 bar, sound level 80 dB (A), weight of the complete Sets 16.8 kg.