Is your HVLP paint sprayer in need of an inspection?
Maybe it requires out-of-warranty repairs?
Or perhaps it needs maintenance and replacement parts?

Inspection repair

Inspection & repair: 6 steps

  • Completely fill out the ‘Inspection & repair’ online contact form, including approval of expenses for any additional service that may need to be carried out.
  • We will then send you a shipping label (Germany) or organise a UPS pick-up (outside of Germany).
  • Please carefully pack up your HVLP and affix the return shipping label to the package. Then mail your carefully packaged paint sprayer back to us.
  • Our service technicians will carry out an inspection and check your HVLP paint sprayer for defects.
  • If they determine that the cost of repairing any damage will exceed the additional expense approval you submitted, our service employees will contact you.
  • As soon as the inspection is complete, we will send your HVLP paint sprayer back to you straight away, with the service report and invoice enclosed.

Inspection & Repair Form