Your HVLP painting equipment is ready for an inspection or should be repaired beside the implied warranty or guarantee?
Maybe some expendable parts must be changed or your HVLP painting equipment has to be services?

Inspection repair

Inspection & repair: 6 steps

  • Please completely fill out our online contract form „Inspection & Repair“ – inclusive your approval of costs for possible additional services
  • Subsequent to your message we will send you a transport label (Germany) or organize the return with UPS (outside Germany)
  • Please pack your HVLP safely and put the return label on the packaging. Please send your spray equipment, safely packed, by post to Geheit
  • Our Service-engineers will inspect and check your HVLP painting equipment
  • If we assess any defect which repair costs would exceed your approval of costs, one of our service engineers would contact you
  • As soon as the inspection is successfully completed, we will send the HVLP painting equipment back to you with a service report and invoice

Inspection & Repair Form