The versatile special spray gun for working with a wide range of coating materials, including multi-colour paints, wood chip paint, spray plaster and many other filled materials. With 4 nozzles, 3 different air caps and an ergonomic insulated handle with a built-in air regulator. 1.5 l aluminium gravity feed cup included as standard. 2.5 l aluminium gravity feed cup optionally available. This spray gun is the ideal tool for creating textured surfaces on floors, ceilings and walls.
With their lightweight, balanced ergonomic design, our paint spray guns are easy to handle – your work becomes effortless. The top-mounted paint cup generates higher pressure and improves paint flow, and you are spared the time-consuming preliminary work such as taping and covering large areas. ABAC paint spray guns: fast, clean, flawless surfaces.

Technical data:

(continuous air flow with air regulator)
For all ABAC blowers
Aluminium paint cup 1.5 l (2.5 l optional)
Nozzles (mm): 2.5 – 3.5 – 6.0 – 8.0 Special nozzle: 4.5 and 9.5
Air caps (mm): 12.0 – 15.0 – 16.5
Needles: Head needle, point needle
Weight: 0.98 kg