Many have attempted to imitate the technology behind the ABAC SG 90 HVLP paint sprayer over the years, but only Geheit offers the genuine article. It may be small, but it packs a punch!
The compact, flexible paint sprayer.

Also easy to transport using the carrying strap, the backpack or the back-mounted carrying frame (optional accessory).

Geheit HVLP paint sprayers – A technology with many benefits:

  • Saves time: Takes approximately 60% less time than using rollers or brushes
  • Saves money: Uses approximately 70% less paint than high-pressure sprayers
  • Requires minimal or no covering/taping
  • Easy to clean and practically maintenance-free
  • Continuous regulation of the air flow allows you to achieve ideal results on nearly all sprayable materials
  • Geheit paint sprayers are long-lasting, durable and reliable

Included in delivery:

HVLP turbine in plastic housing with 5 m power cable
With continuous regulation of pressure/power

Technical data:
Electronic regulation, 230 V, 50/60 Hz, 1100 W, 2300 l/min., max. pressure: approx. 0.2 bar, weight: 4.1 kg.